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The First Kagyu Monlam in North America: Day 5:
His Holiness Karmapa's live address to North American Kagyu Monlam

july 17, 2010, KTD, USA,
eport from Blog 2010 North American Kagyu Monlam,

photos taken by Stephanie Colvey,

Karmapa spoke to us today through the miracle of live video-conference technology. We were able see and hear him clearly, and his Tibetan was translated into English by Karma David Choepel and into Chinese by Chondak.

First, he welcomed all those present to the North American Kagyu Monlam at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (KTD). In particular, he sent warm wishes to his dear spiritual friend and teacher, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, and KTD President, Tenzin Chonyi.

His Holiness noted that each being conducts life according to the individual’s aims or goals. Those of us on the Mahayana path wish for peace and happiness for ourselves and for every other being, and we conduct our lives with the aspiration to help all beings attain that peace.

The Kagyu Monlam is intended to give rise to these aspirations in us. It began in Bodhgaya, but in recent years has spread to other locations, such as KTD in North America. We should be very delighted and confident about this, he said.

His Holiness noted that KTD was founded through the great resolve and aspiration of the XVIth Gyalwang Karmapa. He planted the seeds of dharma here. Since then, many people -- young and old, long-time workers and recent arrivals, President Chonyi and laborers -- have worked with pure motivation to develop this important dharma center into what it is today.

This week's Kagyu Monlam in North America, he said, which is being undertaken with pure motivation and great enthusiasm, truly continues the vision of the 16th Karmapa, and it makes the 17th Karmapa deeply happy. For these reasons, he expressed his gratitude to all of us.

Although he had hoped to attend personally, things did not work out to allow that. For that, His Holiness begged our pardon.

However, His Holiness said, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche is a great meditator and a great teacher. He has been very kind to KTD and is very kind to lead the Kagyu Monlam this week. “Think of him as my representative,” His Holiness said.

Noting that his sister, Ngodup Palzom, was at KTD this week, His Holiness said that we may also think of his sister as his representative. Even if, as he teased her, she may have missed one of the prayer sessions.

In addition to his “representatives,” Karmapa mentioned that he has been able to see us himself, by means of the internet (live streaming), observing that we are all praying with great sincerity, and assuring us that he is joining us in making the aspiration prayers.

The happiness of beings depend on each other, His Holiness said. Accordingly, he said, we need good motivation and good intentions. . . for our own happiness, but also for the happiness of even the smallest microorganism. We bring the aspirations to mind, and we need to keep them in mind. It is good that we do this, at the Kagyu Monlam.




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