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Losar Program Four: Lunch offering to the Sangha

23 February, 2012

Photo Story Series

  1. On the second day of the New Year of the Dragon, the traditional offerings were still arranged in the shrine room. From the left, a four-tiered mandala, a stack of packaged biscuits, the offering of roasted barley flour and barley grain, and kapse, traditional Tibetan biscuits.

  1. On this day, the sangha gathered in the Tergar shrine hall to share a meal with the Karmapa. The discipline master directed the monks to their places and the shrine hall was filled to the edge with the golden color of the chogu, the golden shawl of the ordained monks and nuns

  1. The monks began their chants, intoning the Twenty-One Praises of Tara. The sponsors of the meal are a woman from Singapore and a few others from Taiwan.

  1. Not all the monks could fit inside, and the overflow found cushions on the portico

  1. And along the marble aisles encircling the hall.

  1. During the second repetition of the Twenty-One praises, the Karmapa enters the shrine hall to take his seat on the throne.

  1. He is flanked by Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche and Gyaltsap Rinpoche.

  1. The Karmapa and Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

  1. The Karmapa and Gyaltsap Rinpoche.

  1. The boxes for the food were brought from Taiwan while the meal itself was especially prepared in two kitchens on the grounds of Tergar Monastery. The cooks themselves offer the food to the monks.

  1. As they await lunch, some of the monks meditate and others converse quietly with their neighbors.

  1. Khenpo Donyo from Mirik Monasry sits near the Karmapa.

  1. After the meal finishes, the sangha recites praises to the female deity, The Mother of Transcendent Wisdom, and then the Heart Sutra, followed by the Third Karmapa's Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra.

  1. At the end, the Karmapa talks with the sangha about plans for the next day and takes a vote on where to hold the Kagyu Monlam.

  1. He gives them practical advice on how to guard their health and ends with dedication of the merit for all beings.


Report by Michele Martin, photos taken by Karma Lekcho, Filip Wolak, Liao Guo Ming, Palten Nyima




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